Services & Pricing

What services do we provide?

We’re a third party agent for Individual Taxpayer Numbers (ITIN's) for individuals wanting an accurate, fast and secure method for getting a ITIN with the submission of a W-7. When applying for an ITIN Number, we charge a small fee for preparing your documentation and working with Government agencies to get your ITIN in a fast and secure manner.

How does your ITIN process work?

With Fedserv, getting an ITIN has never been easier by applying online using our secure application form.

* line-by-line instructions
* easier-to-fill-out versions of Federal and State forms
* prompts that remind you to correct errors as you fill out the 4868 form
* consistent and valid forms with error tracking
* digital PDF copies after submission for your records


When applying for an ITIN Number, we charge a modest processing fee for delivering a completed W7 form in digital PDF format that you can download and print for submission to the IRS. We thank you for choosing Fedserv in assisting you with your new Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) and by allowing us to save you time and delays by using our online service.

There are no refunds issued after an application has been reviewed and sent to customer.